Debris from Fukushima’s exclusion zone to be burnt around the country

We have new news that the Environmental Ministry wants to allow private companies to take debris from the no-entry zone in Fukushima prefecture and process it around the country. Pleaes send a short email (it needs to be in Japanese, but google translate will work if you write simple sentences) by Monday, March 9th to tell them you do not want debris from the no entry zone in Fukushima to spread around the country.

email address:
In your email, you need to include the following information:
•Subject: 放射性物質汚染対処特措法施行規則改正案に対する意見
•Your name, address, telephone or email address
•Your opinion, and the basis for your opinion (cite the sources as necessary)

For more information, please visit:

Thank you for your support!